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*Above photo taken by Raf Izdebski #bowen_life. See more of his work on bowenlife.ca.  

Discover Storm Season 

Live Like a Local--Make the Most of Fall & Winter on Bowen Island. Fall & winter are one of Bowen’s best-kept secrets. Whether you’re out enjoying a latte in one of our cozy cafes, or nestled under a blanket counting raindrops, the autumn-winter wonderland on Bowen is a treat not to be missed. 

Attend an on-island event. Grab your warm coat and umbrella and discover one of many fall events on Bowen Island. Summer may bring the good weather, but fall and winter is when Bowen Island really comes alive with seasonal community events. Get to know Bowen by being an islander for a day at Apple Fest, a craft fair, a choir concert, or Light Up Bowen. Click Here for our Events listing.

Get Cozy and Romantic by the Fire

A fire is not needed to heat the rooms in any of the properties (we have modern conveniences such as baseboard heaters) but it sure adds that “away from it all - put your feet up” ambiance. We allow fires October through April and supply enough wood for your evening fire. The properties with wood-burning available are:

  • Lazy Bowen Hideaway (fireplace insert)
  • Lazy B Waterfront Suite (wood stove)
  • Eastman Waterfront Retreat (fireplace insert)
  • Eastman Waterfront Cottage (wood stove)

Wood is the cost of gold on Bowen so if you would like to burn all day long feel free to bring along additional dry seasoned wood before you arrive. Our General Store does sell dried wood bundles that can be found under the produce. The Bowen Building Centre sells and boxes of kindling. 

We know it is tempting to gather wood from the trails and the beach but you must resist.....it creates dangerous burning conditions. The wetwood smokes and deposits dangerous creosote in the chimney.....Please, no chimney fires at our cottage.

Forget What You've Learned, Make it Upside Down!

ARE YOU KIDDING? REALLY…….HOW CAN THAT BE?  But....we have always put the paper and kindling under the logs and waited.....and waited.....and waited for the fire to get going. In my case I would finally give up, put the matches away, and sip on my wine. Until....One Day....Anna, my very clever housekeeper, taught me how to make an upside down fire. Today, I am a pro fire builder. I save on my paper, kindling and efforts. Ultimately, I light the fire, sit back down, and enjoy my fire .......and glass of wine.  

BONUS ~ This will help your fire wood, kindling and paper supply last much longer ……Really? Yes, and your fireplace fires will light and burn as if you were a pro outdoor camper dude or dudette........ I promise.


  • LAYER 1: Start with 2 large pieces of wood and place on the bottom of the fireplace.  Set them touching side by side
  • LAYER 2: Next – use 2 smaller pieces of wood and lay them across the bottom 2.  These can have a gap between.
  • LAYER 3: Your next layer is kindling – we supply cedar shingle strips and in some of our cottages' old dead arbutus branches. Stack these on top of layer 2 going the other direction…….crossing the layer below.
  • LAYER 4: The final step……..  Make knots out of newspaper or other paper scraps. Light the paper, which then lights the kindling creating embers that drop and fall onto the larger pieces of wood. CONGRATS... you have successfully started a fire in the fireplace!!


  • Please use the dry seasoned wood & kindling provided
  • We provide limited wood for your evening fires.
  • You are welcome to bring extra seasoned dry wood from the mainland if you would like to burn during the day as well.
  • All of our fireplaces provide a romantic ambiance and are in some cases a supplemental heat source. We are modern and all of our properties have electric heat. Our General Store and Bowen Building Centre sell Presto Logs, and the Building Centre also sells boxes of kindling.

VERY IMPORTANT ~ Never gather wet green wood from the trail or beach wood as both are not suitable for indoor fires. They will create a smokey burn which deposits creosote in the chimney creating the conditions for a dangerous chimney fire.


Entertainment Time

If you don't feel like packing DVDs or a laptop, or are looking for a well-curated selection of books to borrow, we recommend the Bowen Island Public Library. They have a great book, audiobook, and DVD collection, including some of the latest TV series, such as Game of Thrones, Borgen, and Downton Abbey. (Acquiring an account is free to Lower Mainland users, and requires a $25.00 deposit for visitors -- you get $20.00 back when you return the card). Or pop on over to the Knick Knack Nook and see what's for sale, you can splurge and buy a couple DVDs or books for only a few bucks.    

Here is a listing of the entertainment provided at each property. We provide free WIFI for your own devices as well, at all properties.

By the way, what is more perfect than watching "Singing in the  Rain" when you are warm and cozy inside?

Game Time = Family & Friend Memory Times

There are board games and cards available at a few of our properties (see Entertainment chart above), but why not bring your favourites, or pick up a few games at the Knick Knack Nook, for everyone to enjoy?

For kid-friendly card game ideas, check out:


Just two of you? Check out:


Holiday Baking

Get a start on your holiday baking. All properties have nearly fully-equipped kitchens. Bring along your hand mixer and a your baking supplies to fill the space with the comforting smell of your favorite cookies. 

Head to our Groceries page to find out where you can purchase everything you need to make your special seasonal treats.

Schedule Your Down Time

Maximize your relaxation with a massage...... We have many wellness providers on Bowen Island, and we recommend booking before you arrive, to make sure you get the appointment time you would like.

We recommend Jenni Griffiths, a Registered massage Therapist who is so tuned into your needs that 60 minutes just won’t be long enough… 90 minutes is heaven.  Let her know if you want a deep massage or a relaxation massage. Guaranteed she will make you and your body happy.
Schedule with Jenni  Griffiths of Cedar Room Massage Therapy (604-240-6485).

We also recommend Solarium Massage Therapy & Rehabilitation.


Storm Watching, Bowen Style

The Lazy Bowen Hideaway, Lazy B Waterfront Suite, Eastman Waterfront Retreat, and Eastman Cottage are poised right on the water, perfect for watching the storms come straight at you.  Whether the rain is tapping a tune on the roof or the wind-driven waves are crashing on the beach below, the rhythmic harmony will lull you into another world of ahhhh-ness. Wrap up in a throw, grab a cup of hot Joe and immerse yourself in the fresh air, crashing waves, and nature all around. Bet you can't do this in the city!

Storm-watch from our Lazy B Waterfront Suite deck… You are covered.  We love (and our guests love) our Lazy B Waterfront Suite covered seaside deck with comfortable furnishings.

"We came here for a weekend away with our dear friends and it was absolutely perfect. The covered deck was our hangout spot of choice - the rain fell but we stayed dry and cozy yet still got to enjoy the gorgeous ocean views and warm breeze from the outside covered deck."

Trees, Trails, Salmon, Whales

Watch the salmon, walk the trails. Fall is a magical time in the woods and by the water here on Bowen. Walking under an umbrella through Crippen Park, the Meadows, and Killarny Lake, and cutting over to a cafe in Snug Cove or Artisan Square afterwards for hot drinks is a fall luxury.

Find a map at http://www.metrovancouver.org/services/parks/ParksPublications/CrippenParkMap.pdf .

November & December is prime salmon-watching season at the fish ladder at Terminal Creek. You can find more information and salmon-relevant maps at  bowenhatchery.org, as well as in the fascinating video below, created by local, Bob Turner.

Are salmon too small-fry for you? Try your luck....hike up to Dorman Point where locals have spotted a magnificent humpback whale this season. In all cases, keep your eyes open for the Orcas that swim laps around Bowen.

Ship Ahoy!

Relax....do nothing..... but watch the ships go by.......... All properties have water views, front row seating for cruise ships, freighters, tug boats and many more. Go to ShipFinder and you can now learn all kinds of information about that ship sailing by: the name, the size, who owns it, how many passengers and more. Be in the know and impress your friends........ just for the fun of it!