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❄️ Tips for Enjoying Snowy Bowen Island ❄️
Snow has already been gently falling here on our otherwise-green island. If you’ve booked a stay with us in snow season, there’s no need to panic — in fact, a blanket of white will be a welcome prompt to relax once you get here, all you need is a little preparation. 

First off, why we love a snowy Bowen Island:
  • Winter wonderland walks
  • An excuse to snuggle inside by the fire
  • Peace & quiet only a snowscape can create
  • Explore the great indoors - cook, craft, read, chat, nap...

But to really enjoy it, be prepared to make the best of this rare weather event, and use these tips to guide you through a snowy holiday away from it all.


Check the Weather

Knowing when the snow will come can help you plan ahead.
Will the snow hit while you’re here? If possible, park closer to a main road, where plows will come. (However, parking right on the main road makes it hard for plows to operate).
Will it snow the night before you arrive? Then you may find not all roads are plowed yet, so after disembarking the ferry, grab a latte in Snug Cove while the roads are cleared to your vacation rental. See below for road report links.


Car Prep and Roads

Pack a shovel & gravel kitty litter, in case you find yourself in a jam. While snow tires are not required by law on Bowen, if you have them, use them. We don’t recommend driving on any unplowed roads without snow tires, and even then, please use caution. 

If you’re coming from afar, please remember that certain BC highways do require you to have winter tires from October 1 to March 31. Check the winter tire regulations in BC to see if your route requires them.

Always check Bowen Island road reports before planning your transportation to your rental. There are two places to check:

How the Municipality Plows

The Municipality clears snow and ice from public roads according to a road maintenance priority plan. The crews are on call 24 hours a day and monitor weather conditions to be ready to respond in snowy and icy conditions. Crews salt and plow the roads in the following order of priority: 
  1. Main roads and bus routes (Taylor Rd, Miller Rd, Eaglecliff Rd, and Mt. Gardner Rd. all main roads heading to our properties) 
  2. Secondary roads, once the snowfall has stopped. (from the intersection of Mt. Gardner and Wood Rd toward the Eastman properties) 
  3. Third-priority roads after the snowfall has stopped and all other main and secondary roads are passable.
In the event of continual snowfall, it will take longer for plows to reach third-priority roads because main and secondary roads require additional attention. 
Private roads and driveways are not cleared.
Make room for plows. Vehicles parked on narrow roadsides make it difficult or impossible for plows to get through. 

If you do find yourself in need of assistance, our local tow truck operator (for BCAA) can be reached at (604) 947-4357. Leigh Auto (604-947-2222) is our trusty car repair folks, in case you should need further help with your vehicle.
Transportation Options
If you decide last-minute to leave your car at home or in Horseshoe Bay, not to worry, you have other transportation options: Transit, hitchhiking, and walking, 
(see our Transportation Page for more information on these options).
Trip Insurance
Because we have strict cancellation policies we always recommend trip insurance, which can help you deal with the unexpected (such as snowy roads),
whether it’s weather-related, medical or something else altogether. (See specific policies for details). 
While we don't endorse any specific insurance provider, here are a few sites our guests have used in the past, to get you started finding a policy that works for you.
CSA Travel Protection:
Travel Guard:
Stock Up
If it looks like it will snow while you are here, remember to stock up on all your favourite food items and pastimes, as it may take the better part of a day for snow plows to get to your area
(and for you to get to restaurants and out to explore).
Power Outages
Power outages may happen and are usually fixed within a day, but you may want to prepare for this possibility ahead of time. While we encourage lazy snowflake-watching, why not bring a charged laptop with downloaded films, books, and board games? (We supply DVDs, board games, and books at the Lazy Bowen Hideaway and Lazy B Waterfront Suite.)

All our properties have flashlights, candles, and a bottle of water supplied for emergencies, but it never hurts to bring more of your own.

And even if your side of the island is out of power, that doesn’t necessarily mean the whole island has gone dark — often Snug Cove and all the great restaurants and stores there have power, even when the remoter areas don't. You can check BC Hydro’s power outage statuses for Bowen Island at:

If we can assist you to prepare for your winter holiday, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love it here in winter ...and are certain you will too.
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