While we have lots of information on Bowen Island on our site, sometimes it's nice to have someone else plan your day. Look to o


While we have lots of information on Bowen Island events, activities, shopping etc. here on our site, sometimes it's nice to have someone else plan your day, especially if you're new to Bowen Island. Look below to our suggested itineraries, created for all sorts of interests, as well as times of day. Check individual websites for store hours, which can change seasonally.


 We highly encourage our guests to make full use of their vacation time, and arrive early to enjoy Bowen Island on their first day. Check-in to your accommodation is at 3pm, and we ask that you please don't arrive earlier than that, as our cleaners need the time to make the house look its best for you. However, to help you enjoy your time before check-in, we've started our list with several "Early-Arrival Itineraries." Take a morning ferry over and get to know Bowen!



Walking Snug Cove & Artisan Square

This is a great itinerary for walkers arriving early to Bowen. If you have a car, park it in the Cove at one of the extended parking areas you'll see in the map here. You can also easily drive to all of these destinations as well. 



For Guests with a Car


If you're arriving early in the morning by car and want a wider sense of Bowen beyond Snug Cove, here are a few lovely spots to drive to before you check in. Base the rest of your vacation on what you see in snippets here.

After all that exploring, head to your vacation home at 3pm to enjoy your first evening on Bowen Island.



The west side has a few interesting spots to explore that many who stick to Snug Cove will miss. Check seasonal business hours before setting out, and consider bringing a picnic and beverages if you choose to do some walking or hiking. 

Start your journey heading west on Bowen Island Trunk Road / Grafton Road.



Bowen Island has an artist behind every tree, we swear, so don't miss out on the fabulous and unique home and personal decorations and objets d'art you'll find on this route. This itinerary is easily combined with the Fashion-Lovers' Itinerary below, as it also starts from Artisan Square and makes its way down to Snug Cove.

Artisan Square:

Snug Cove




Bowen Island has a rich past, most notably for its "Steamship days" of the 1940s, which gave Bowen a party isle reputation. History-lovers will enjoy this circuit that highlights the historic sites and sources of information. There is so much history here, once at the Heritage Cottages or the Museum & Archives, they will no doubt lead you down further paths of historic inquiry. Be transported back in time as you travel this route.



Do you love clothing and the art of fashion? Bowen Island has some unique offerings you won't find elsewhere. Start your fashion-seeking day at Artisan Square and make your way down to Snug Cove. This order makes sense whether on foot or by car.

Artisan Square:

Knick Knack Nook - Bowen's favourite reuse-it thrift shop

Snug Cove:



Bowen is a green jewel in Howe Sound, just being here is to be in nature, so perhaps an itinerary seems redundant. However, we've listed a route here that includes some ecological features and educations sites you might be interested in if natural history is your thing.