Getting Around Bowen Island

We are often asked "Do we need to bring our car to Bowen?" and the short answer is "It depends." If you are fit, used to taking transit, walking a lot, are open to hitchhiking, and/or are okay not seeing every corner of the island, then you'll d...

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winter tips


❄️ Tips for Enjoying Snowy Bowen Island ❄️ Snow has already been gently falling here on our otherwise-green island. If you've booked a stay with us in snow season, there's no need to panic — in fact, a blanket of white will be a welcome prompt...

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Critters on Bowen Island

A big draw for visitors and residents of Bowen Island is the abundant nature. Everywhere you look is covered in beautiful greenery. Our guests love to escape the concrete and noise of the city for the tranquility of the forest. But not everyone ...

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